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Next generation metaverse on Polygon

ERA 2140 and Polyland have come together to craft an immersive metaverse where users can explore diverse themed islands and engage in a myriad of interactive environments.

Key Features Developed by ERA2140

Open-World Exploration

Created a vast and detailed virtual world with various themed islands, each offering unique environments, activities, and interactions for users.

Decentralized Asset Ownership

Implemented a system where users have true ownership of their assets and properties within Polyland, backed by blockchain technology.

Interactive Virtual Economy

Developed a dynamic and interactive virtual economy where users can trade, invest, and collaborate on projects and ventures within the metaverse.

Business Impact

The creation of Polyland showcases ERA 2140’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of virtual reality and blockchain, offering users a decentralized and open platform for exploration, interaction, and innovation.

Media & Assets

Embark on an Adventure in Polyland

Join us on a journey through the magnificent world of Polyland, where imagination, innovation, and interaction converge in a decentralized virtual universe.

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Next generation metaverse on Polygon

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