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Alphawave Mindart

Own the beauty of your brain

Mindart combines the power of neurosciences, technology, and art to create a personalised artwork with your brainwaves

Key Features Developed by ERA2140

Leveraging neuroscience to paint your feelings

Alpha Wave Experience is an immersive art installation that stimulates the brain and optic nerve through rotating light to induce alpha wave frequencies. Visitors with closed eyes perceive a distinctive array of colours, patterns, and geometrical shapes in a meditative state. We record and analyze your brainwave variations to determine your main emotion. Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, and Theta are the main brainwaves.

A unique piece-of-art of your brain

The artwork is created fueling your dominant emotions into to our in-house generative artificial intelligence model. Your unique artwork can be printed on a 30x30 metal substrate and shipped within two weeks.

AI generated, stored on-chain

The artwork is stored on the blockchain for rarity, unicity and integrity purposes. You're the true owner of your piece-of-art, you can decide to keep it, sell it or use it for other creative ideas.

Business Impact

End-to-end booking experience

We built a fully operational booking system. From the ticket purchase, to the artwork delivery, our robust application helps the customer to go seamlessly through all the steps of the experience. This maximizes customer autonomy, scalability and revenues.

From Paris to Ibiza, world-class events

Enjoy your Mindart Alphawave Experience in many venues around the world: Silencio (Ibiza), The Outpost (Paris), Genesthai (Paris), Sobering Galerie (Paris).

'Discover your brain' physical store

Alphawave Experience is open to all for 50€.

Media & Assets

Alphawave Experience on the TV

Alphawave Experience Mindart was showcased on the French television ARTE and in various medias.

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