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Web3 Education Revolution with

ERA2140 partnered with to develop engaging and gamified learning experiences that empower users to master web3 technologies in an intuitive and enjoyable manner.

Key Features Developed by ERA2140

Brand Platform

ERA 2140 collaborated with Learnify since the very beginning, from brand platform design to product strategy definition.

Ecosystem Design

Gamification is a key aspect for Learnify, we modelized complex interactions between experience points, energy and token to craft the perfect progression ladder for each type of persona of the ecosystem.

Game Economics

Stock & Flow diagrams were powerful tools to define the right amount of XPs and tokens to be used, rewarded or staked so the economics are viable.


We optimized initial token allocation, cliff, vesting and overall token distribution to perfectly match the market demand.

Business Impact

The collaboration with demonstrates ERA 2140’s dedication to create a sustainable game ecosystem in the long run.

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Web3 Education Revolution with

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