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Your true virtual companion

In collaboration with DOGAMÍ, ERA2140 has reimagined an engaging realm where users can interact with and nurture virtual companions.

Key Features Developed by ERA2140

Interactive Virtual Pets

Developed a wide range of interactive features allowing users to feed, train, and bond with their virtual pets, enhancing userengagement and attachment to their companions.

Evolution Tracker

Implemented a dynamic evolution system where virtual pets grow and transform as users interact with them, offering acontinually engaging and surprising experience.

Robust Marketplace

Designed and integrated a marketplace for users to adopt new pets, purchase accessories, and engage in transactions with other

Business Impact

Industry Leader

Dogami is a successful play-to-earn game in the French web3 ecosystem, with its own token - the $DOGA - gathering thousands of users.

Financial Success

Dogami raised a $14 million round led by BPIFrance, Ubisoft and Animoca Brand

Media & Assets

Discover DOGAMÍ: A World of Mystical Companions

Step into the enchanting world of DOGAMÍ where mystical creatures await your care and companionship.

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