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Interoperable Metaverse Assets

ERA2140 partnered with Landz to pioneer the development of interoperable metaverse assets, offering users the ability to create and trade customizable NFTs that can be utilized across various virtual environments.

Key Features Developed by ERA2140

Customizable NFTs

Landz ntroduces a wide range of customization options for NFTs, allowing users to create unique virtual assets that reflect their style and preferences.

Interoperable Assets

We developed assets that are not confined to a single metaverse but can be used seamlessly across different virtual environments, maximizing user flexibility and value.

NFT Marketplace Integration

ERA 2140 integrated a robust and user-friendly marketplace where users can easily create, buy, sell, and trade customizable NFTs.

Business Impact

Through the partnership with Landz, ERA2140 has positioned itself at the forefront of the metaverse and NFT revolution, offering innovative solutions that define the future of virtual assets and environments.

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